Hometown Heroes 2022 Banner Program

Red background banners will feature living veterans and those who are currently serving.

Blue background banners will feature those service members who are no longer with us. (The passing does not have to be related to their service)

   The Akron Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce the Hometown Heroes Banner Program. This program serves as a tribute to recognize current Service Members and Veterans from the Akron/Newstead area who have served or who are serving our country in a branch of the military.

Each individual banner will honor a specific Akron/Newstead Service Member or Veteran and will include his or her picture, branch of service and era of Service. Sponsors, who may be friends, families, or businesses, will have the opportunity to Sponsor a Hometown Heroes Banner for their family member or loved one to be displayed in the 2022 Banner Program.

Sponsorship will be named on the banners.

Banners will be displayed on poles around The Village of Akron beginning Memorial Day 2022 until Veterans Day 2022, after which time each banner ·will be taken down and returned to the Sponsor. *Please note: These banners are made of heavy duty materials meant to withstand our climate and conditions. Each banner is rated for exposure in full elements for up to three years at a time. Once retired and returned to individual Sponsors, these Banners will be a long lasting tribute to your loved ones service in the Armed Forces.

Dedication will take place at a time and location to be announced.

The price for sponsorship from friends, families, or businesses include the banner, the cost of hanging and retiring each banner at the conclusion of the program. The Hometown Heroes Banner Sponsorship price for 2022 is $300.

If you would like an application for the Hometown Heroes Banner Program, please click the link below.

Applications will be accepted until Friday March 18. 2022 and will only be processed
with a fully completed application, photo and a check or money order payable to:
Akron Chamber of Commerce

Mail applications to:

Akron Chamber of Commerce
PO Box 248 Akron, NY, 14001
ATTN: Kristy Pingitore, Treasurer